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Bike Accident Victims Deserve Compensation

Drivers do not watch out for bicyclists. They do not make room for bicyclists on the road, even though bike riders have the right to be there. Everyone who has ridden a bicycle on the street knows this to be true, and this unfortunate reality can lead to bike accidents.

At Haxel Law in Springfield, Illinois, we believe that bicycle crash victims should not have to foot the bill when they are hurt because of a driver’s negligence. We understand the specific acts of driver carelessness that cause bike wrecks. We handle cases involving cars turning into bike riders at intersections, drivers squeezing bicyclists off the road or clipping them with mirrors, drivers pulling too far out of driveways or parking lots and hitting bicyclists, drivers dooring bicyclists and more.

Taking On The Insurance Companies

Our founding lawyer, Martin Haxel, worked as an attorney for the insurers defending against these types of claims before starting our firm. Now, he focuses exclusively on protecting the rights of those who have been injured due to the negligence of others.

The knowledge gained working for insurers puts us in a position to understand how companies look at bicycle accident and related injury claims. We have been in their shoes – we know how they determine the amount of compensation that they present to you in settlement discussions.

We negotiate with these companies for you in order to allow you to focus on getting better after the accident. The injuries in bicycle accidents are often severe, and you need time to fully recover. You should not have to deal with insurance companies trying to make things even more difficult for you.

If insurers are treating your claim fairly, we will work toward a settlement that presents you with the opportunity to move forward. If the offers they make fail to take your claim seriously, we are ready for a trial from the very beginning of your case. We’re not afraid of the courtroom and have a long history of results that show our success at trial.

We Can Help You Find Out What’s Next

To know more about what our team can do to help you recover the compensation you deserve after your bicycle accident, we invite you to reach out to our firm today. You will be able to meet directly with an experienced personal injury attorney during your free consultation. Call 217-953-4826 or email us to find a time that works for you.