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Should you settle your personal injury case or go to trial?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog |

After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, you may want to seek justice and compensation from the driver considered at fault. This type of action occurs on a fairly common basis after serious injury-causing accidents, and many individuals find success when it comes to gaining the recompense they desire. Of course, if you have never taken this type of legal route before, you may wonder whether your situation will involve a complex legal trial.

Not all personal injury cases go to trial. In fact, many parties settle claims early on in the legal proceedings or even before an injured party files suit. If you think this type of arrangement may work for your situation, you may want to consider certain factors.

Do you have a strong case?

If you believe that you have strong evidence to support your argument for the compensation you desire, you may want to move forward with the trial. If successful, the court may award you more money than what you may receive through a settlement. However, if the outcomes of cases similar to yours indicate a low likelihood of success, you may wish to settle in order to get at least some restitution rather than risk getting nothing.

Numerous factors go into determining whether you have a strong case. Details pertaining to your argument, and evidence held by the opposition, should go into consideration.

How much do you want?

When it comes to deciding on a settlement, you may want to have a number in mind that stands as the lowest you feel willing to go. You can determine this amount by gaining estimates for medical bills, future care and treatment for injuries, pain and other damages. If the other parties are willing to meet this amount, you may not need to go to trial. However, if they want to settle for a lesser amount, you may wish to proceed through the proper legal channels.

How will compensation affect you?

Of course, you may also wish to take into consideration the potential impacts gaining compensation could have. For instance, tax consequences could pertain to your awards, and therefore, you may wish to take future owed taxes into account when deciding your desired amount. Additionally, you may also want to consider whether settling for some type of compensation other than money could suit your circumstances.

Decision making

Because determining whether to reach a settlement or move forward with trial can have a substantial effect on your case, you may wish to gain the advice of an experienced Illinois attorney. This legal professional can review your case and explain your chances of success at trial as well as potential settlement options.