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A major collision can take place under a variety of circumstances

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Being involved in a collision can be a scary and stressful experience no matter the circumstances. Even if the accident causes little more than minor damage to your vehicle, the subsequent disruption to your plans for the day and the inconvenience of catching a ride while your car is in the shop can be frustrating.

However, not all accidents have such mild results, and if you are involved in a major collision on Illinois roads, you might be facing a long road to recovery and an extensive amount in medical bills. While this may seem like an unlikely scenario, collisions are more common than you might think.

Contributing factors in collisions

While there are a variety of driving behaviors and decisions that increase the risk that a serious crash may occur, some tend to be more prevalent than others. Some of the most common contributing factors in collisions include the following:

  • Impairment: Individuals who drive while impaired are inherently less capable of safely operating a vehicle, and those culpable of such negligence may place your well-being at risk.
  • Distraction: Even a moment of inattention could bring about disastrous results because it takes little more than a couple of seconds for a vehicle to travel several hundred feet.
  • Reckless behavior: Excessive speeding and tailgating are just two examples of reckless behaviors that limit a driver’s ability to respond to certain scenarios in time to prevent a crash.
  • Danger at intersections: While traffic signs and signals are in place at many intersections, reacting to someone who fails to adhere to a stop sign or red light can be nearly impossible at times.
  • Weather: Failure to adjust driving behavior during times of inclement weather can prove dangerous, and it remains a common cause of serious collisions.

Regardless of how it occurs, if another driver’s negligent actions leave you with serious injuries, you could be wondering about the next steps to take to seek restitution.

Pursuing accountability

Suffering severe injuries in a major collision can be a devastating experience, and if the other driver is at fault in the crash, you may be in search of advice on your available legal avenues. Since navigating the civil justice system can be an intimidating process, you could benefit from seeking guidance from someone with experience in the area. This type of guidance could help prepare you to pursue the full amount of restitution you deserve through a personal injury claim.