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Reducing nighttime driving crash risks

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When the sun sets over Springfield, IL, the chances of a traffic accident increase. According to the National Safety Council, you face triple the risk of a car accident after dark compared to the daylight hours. Reduced visibility and the likelihood of being tired after a long day call for extra vigilance on the road at night.


Look away from blinding lights


The headlights of oncoming traffic can temporarily blind you. You can alleviate how the bright lights interfere with your vision by looking to the right side of the road. Focusing on the white line at the edge will help you stay on the road and avoid looking directly in the light.


Keep the windshield clean


You might not realize how much dust has accumulated on your windshield until light hits it just right. When a bright sunset or the headlights of another vehicle hit a dirty windshield just right, the sudden glare can drop your visibility to almost nothing. Avoid this by washing the windshield regularly on the outside and inside.


Double check for pedestrians and bicyclists


Striking someone on the side of the road can happen more easily during the night. A pedestrian in dark clothing may be very difficult to see. Exercise extra care when moving through intersections or turning on dark streets because someone might step out in front of your vehicle.


Challenges faced by accident victims


Motor vehicle accidents, sometimes, result in personal injury cases. Victims of negligent drivers typically miss work and need medical care. Insurance coverage, often, pays for damages like these, but you may not know where to start when seeking compensation. Personal injury lawyers answer questions for accident victims and manage investigations about the causes of accidents. A lawyer can also organize the evidence necessary to pursue a settlement.