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Changes in signage draw attention to tricky areas in Springfield

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In Springfield, there are areas in which it is more likely to get into an automobile collision. Some people locally have decided to start taking action, like members of the Springfield Police Department. One member of the force has decided to put up signs that are “whimsical” or funny. While they are, the real hope is that drivers will pay attention and slow down.

Leading the initiative, the SPD police sergeant runs messages that stand out, like, “Warning: Slow adults crossing,” to capture attention. He did not believe that threats would be beneficial, so he instead looked at signage with different messages that applied to the area.

Using technology to save lives

Using technology to help prevent car crashes is not a new idea. However, to address specific areas with signage that applies only to that region is unique. The sergeant in this case said that he chose intersections that had higher accident rates, like those at Dirksen Parkway and Sangamon Avenue or near Washington Park.

In areas where pedestrian crossings are present, there are often hazards for those crossing. Young children, pets, the elderly and others have been struck, so drawing attention to their presence is beneficial.

The SPD admits that it doesn’t have the bodies needed to monitor all of the busy intersections in the city. However, the department will be focused on one high-traffic intersection a week to determine why those accidents are happening and how they can be reduced. By looking at ways to reduce bad habits and to get drivers to pay attention, there is an opportunity to reduce the likelihood of crashes in the future.

Being safe is everyone’s responsibility

It is everyone’s personal responsibility to follow the rules of the road when driving or traveling in other ways. Understanding the traffic laws, when to cross a busy street and what is expected of you will make a difference in the likelihood of a collision.

If you are hit by someone who was not paying attention or who was acting recklessly, you may be able to pursue compensation. You have rights as a victim and deserve to be treated fairly after suffering injuries.