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Injuries still happen in low-risk occupations

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2023 | Workers Compensation |

If someone asks you what the most high-risk occupation is, what would you say? Some people would pick an industry like construction, which tends to have the most fatal accidents every year. Others would pick something like logging, which has one of the highest fatality rates, despite being a vastly smaller industry overall and so having lower total deaths.

The only problem with this calculus is that it reinforces the assumption that these are the only types of industries where workers get injured and may need to seek compensation. Many people assume that injuries do not happen in low-risk occupations, such as office work. But this is certainly not the case and it is, therefore, important to understand that workers can get injured anywhere.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

For example, a worker in an office could suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome if they have to type every day. This is especially likely if they do not have access to an ergonomic keyboard or a desk chair. But even with the most advanced technology, they can suffer from debilitating pain in their wrists and hands that makes it impossible for them to perform their job after a time.

Back injuries

Another example could be a back injury, which may happen simply from sitting at a desk every day. But it is also a risk in industries like nursing, where nurses often have to lift and move patients on their own. Most people don’t think of nursing as being anywhere near as physical or dangerous as construction, but it could lead to severe back injuries that never fully heal.

Do you need compensation?

The key takeaway here is that you could be injured on the job in any industry and any occupation. Injuries do happen more often in some industries than others, but no one is completely insulated from this risk. If you do get injured, then it’s important to know about your right to workers’ compensation and all of the legal steps you may need to take to obtain compensation that you’re rightfully owed.