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While nurses are called angels, they are also heroes

Professionals in the health care industry in Illinois and other states are duty bound to restore health, alleviate suffering and keep patients safe. If you are a member of this profession, you may -- like many others -- find it difficult to focus on the well-being of patients while your own life is threatened every day. The president of the American Nurses Association said the prevalence of violence against nurses is undermining the U.S. health care system.

The physical exertion of the job already makes nursing a hazardous occupation in which moving and lifting patients often lead to musculoskeletal injuries exceeding those suffered by construction workers. The results of a recent survey indicated that a significant percentage of nurses had experienced verbal and physical abuse by patients.

Understanding why a claim may be denied and advice moving forward

Workplace accidents are unfortunately a common occurrence, and in many cases, they run the risk of ending in severe occupational injuries. If you have suffered an injury on the job, you might be experiencing numerous challenges following such a stressful and daunting incident.

Perhaps your injuries are forcing you to take an extended leave from work, and when coupled with extensive medical expenses, the financial struggles that may follow could be challenging to overcome. You could choose to pursue relief through workers' compensation, but what happens if your claim is denied?

Extreme heat exposure increases heart attack risk in firefighters

If you're a firefighter, you most like put your life on the line on the line very frequently in an effort to save others. It's common knowledge that your occupation is one of the most stressful and challenging. Although the fires pose risks of burn injuries and death, there are additional threats to which you may be highly susceptible.

Reports of fires often include notes that say none of the firefighters suffered injuries, but as a firefighter, you will know that even though you suffered no burn injuries, every fire you fight can cause further damage to your body. Along with the psychological impact of facing life-and-death situations almost daily, researchers say firefighters are at a high risk of suffering heart attacks.

Hit by an uninsured driver? You may have insurance for that

If you have been involved in a car accident, chances are, you might have questions and concerns about what comes next. Perhaps you suffered serious injuries in the process, and if the other driver is at fault, you may subsequently be wondering about the available options for pursuing compensation.

In some cases, insurance coverage might reduce the financial burdens that may accompany such an incident. However, what happens if the other party's plan isn't sufficient to cover your damages, or worse yet, what if they don't carry any coverage at all?

Knowing the measures to take in the aftermath of a collision

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful and daunting experience. Along with the potential of damaging your vehicle and rearranging your schedule for the time being, a collision may also pose a threat to your health, subsequently prompting a need for medical attention and treatment.

While you probably don't begin your day with the idea of being in a collision, unfortunately, they do occur. Preparing for the possibility of a collision before it takes place could help you be more prepared to handle such a challenging situation.

Busting the myths may eliminate MSDs in nurses

Considering the weights they have to lift, roll over and move, it is not surprising that musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are par for the course for many nurses. Manually repositioning, lifting and transferring patients can cause overexertion to your body that often leads to MSDs. The fact that a large percentage of hospital patients are obese serves to exacerbate the threat of damage to your health and welfare.

In conversations about the effectiveness of safe patient handling equipment, there is never a shortage of excuses of why not to use it. In some cases, hospitals have purchased costly mechanical lifting equipment, but the failure to provide sufficient training in properly using it and neglecting to establish procedures and policies for it have resulted in the equipment turning into very expensive white elephants.

Get life back on track after a job-related spinal cord injury

Every year, numerous Illinois residents suffer neck and back injuries while on the job. In severe cases, these injuries can damage the spinal cord. Such injuries can have either temporary or permanent effects on the body. If you or a family member has suffered a spinal cord injury while on the job, you may access workers' compensation benefits in order to get the medical care and monetary help you need moving forward.

Depending on the severity of a spinal cord injury, treatment can be costly and extensive. How do spinal cord injuries occur? What treatments are available? What can I do if my employer cuts off or denies work comp benefits?

If you see this on the road, watch out!

Driving through Illinois can go from being rather uneventful to disastrous in a moment's time if a distracted driver is in your midst. This is a growing problem throughout the nation, with more injuries and deaths caused by drivers not paying attention to the road than ever. When you drive, you're obviously obligated to obey all traffic regulations and act with caution to keep yourself and those around you as safe as possible. There's little you can do, however, about another person's choices.

To increase your chances of avoiding a distracted driving motor vehicle collision, it may help to review some of the reasons motorists take their focus off the road. It also helps to have a plan in mind for what to do if you see a distracted driver in your vicinity. While you never want to perform any type of driving maneuver that might wind up creating an even more dangerous situation, you may be able to avert disaster if you think ahead and pay close attention to your surroundings.

Should you settle your personal injury case or go to trial?

After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, you may want to seek justice and compensation from the driver considered at fault. This type of action occurs on a fairly common basis after serious injury-causing accidents, and many individuals find success when it comes to gaining the recompense they desire. Of course, if you have never taken this type of legal route before, you may wonder whether your situation will involve a complex legal trial.

Not all personal injury cases go to trial. In fact, many parties settle claims early on in the legal proceedings or even before an injured party files suit. If you think this type of arrangement may work for your situation, you may want to consider certain factors.

While helping others, EMS workers put themselves at risk

As an emergency medical service worker, you undoubtedly get great satisfaction from helping other individuals suffering from injuries or illnesses who need immediate attention. Often, your actions could allow those parties to receive life-saving treatment while on the way to the hospital. Though this type of profession may offer enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment, you could also face risks of injury yourself.

Because you carry out duties in hopes of caring for other wounded parties, many individuals may not think of the risks at which you put yourself during the course of your activities. EMS workers face various situations that could result in their suffering serious or even fatal injuries.

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