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February 2019 Archives

Are SUVs to blame for the rise in fatal pedestrian accidents?

In recent years, the popularity of sport utility vehicles has increased. This larger type of vehicle has a fair amount of power and is useful for large families who may need to transport several passengers or for those who want to haul a great deal of cargo. Chances are, if you don't own one of these vehicles, you know someone who does, and their usefulness is inarguable.

Does your robotic co-worker threaten your safety?

As robots become more common in many industrial facilities in Illinois, you might soon find yourself working alongside a robotic colleague -- if that is not the case already. You might have questions about the safety of sharing your workspace with a programmable co-worker. However, the perception that robotics are uncontrollable is unfounded -- as long as your employers performed risk assessments and identified safety requirements and the need for guarding.

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