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Running red lights is far too common in Springfield, Illinois

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Like any other municipality, Springfield, Illinois plays host to an assortment of traffic infractions. On any given day, police officers may issue citations for speeding, reckless driving and failing to use turn signals in traffic. In recent months, local law enforcement authorities have highlighted another traffic safety concern contributing to collisions across Springfield.

Specifically, law enforcement professionals have expressed concern about the prevalence of local drivers running red lights. Failing to stop at a red light could very easily lead to a major crash. Those involved in a wreck may require insurance compensation or may even need to take their case to civil court.

What do the statistics show?

While there are limited details available from local authorities, a review of federal statistics paints a very grim picture of traffic safety. The Springfield Police Department reported issuing 27 citations for red light violations in a single enforcement effort.

Overall, the crashes caused by those running red lights are statistically the most likely kind of wreck to prove deadly. Roughly 900 people a year died on average each year over the last decade in such crashes. Tens of thousands of people get hurt in crashes caused at intersections when people run red lights, and most people admit that they know such behavior is risky despite their habits.

Drivers may think that unsafe maneuvers are acceptable in scenarios where traffic levels are low or when they are comfortable with their surroundings. Other times, it may be a lack of attentiveness, possibly caused by mobile devices, that will ultimately lead to someone running a red light in Springfield.

Police officers have made it a point to watch for those failing to stop at red lights and to issue citations when appropriate. They may also seek to hold someone accountable for a crash caused by running a red light. Those involved in a collision may need to explain what happened to police officers, including the decision of another driver to run a red light without stopping as they should.

Learning about traffic safety efforts in Springfield and other nearby areas may help drivers better understand the risks they might encounter on local roads that could lead to preventable collisions. When collisions do occur, victims of negligent or reckless behavior – like running a red light – are generally empowered to seek compensation from the at-fault party.