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March 2017 Archives

While helping others, EMS workers put themselves at risk

As an emergency medical service worker, you undoubtedly get great satisfaction from helping other individuals suffering from injuries or illnesses who need immediate attention. Often, your actions could allow those parties to receive life-saving treatment while on the way to the hospital. Though this type of profession may offer enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment, you could also face risks of injury yourself.

A lack of sleep could make you dangerous on the road

All of the technological and societal advances that we enjoy should allow for more free time. Instead, we seem to be moving at a faster pace than ever, which means that most of us don't get an adequate amount of sleep each night. You might even say that your professional and personal lives leave you feeling as though you never get enough sleep. Not only does a sleep deficit, or sleep deprivation, harm your health, but it could also make you a danger to yourself and others on the road.

The challenges of fire-fighting go beyond the flames

You probably remember the day you graduated from your Illinois firefighters' academy. Such memories likely fluctuate between feeling as though it all just happened yesterday to feeling like it was another lifetime altogether. Perhaps you've kept a record of every fire to which you've responded since then; perhaps not. Chances are, you've faced some very frightening situations and have bonded with your fellow firefighters to forge friendships you'll enjoy the rest of your lives. Fighting fire is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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