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June 2019 Archives

Driving too fast is just one common cause of truck accidents

Many Illinois residents may not necessarily feel as if they are living on the edge when driving to work or are out running errands. However, driving is an immensely dangerous activity, no matter how commonplace it has become. You may not think of each hazard you face while on the road, but you certainly are more at risk than you may think.

A major collision can take place under a variety of circumstances

Being involved in a collision can be a scary and stressful experience no matter the circumstances. Even if the accident causes little more than minor damage to your vehicle, the subsequent disruption to your plans for the day and the inconvenience of catching a ride while your car is in the shop can be frustrating.

Is your headache and ear ringing connected to whiplash?

When you suffer trauma in an Illinois motor vehicle accident, it's not always possible to properly gauge the extent of your injuries. In fact, you might walk away from the accident scene, get checked out at the hospital and go home on the same day only to realize the following day or thereafter that you are not feeling as well as you thought. Delayed injury symptoms are common in car accidents.

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