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While helping others, EMS workers put themselves at risk

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2017 | Workers Compensation |

As an emergency medical service worker, you undoubtedly get great satisfaction from helping other individuals suffering from injuries or illnesses who need immediate attention. Often, your actions could allow those parties to receive life-saving treatment while on the way to the hospital. Though this type of profession may offer enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment, you could also face risks of injury yourself.

Because you carry out duties in hopes of caring for other wounded parties, many individuals may not think of the risks at which you put yourself during the course of your activities. EMS workers face various situations that could result in their suffering serious or even fatal injuries.

Fatal accidents

Car accidents come in as the most common type of incident that leads to EMS worker injury and death. A study that spanned over the course of four years showed that 65 EMS workers died on the job during that period, and car collisions resulted in 45 percent of those fatal injuries. Additionally, another 12 percent suffered fatal injuries due to a car hitting them while outside the emergency vehicle.

Of course, a ground vehicle does not act as the only type of transportation utilized by EMS workers. Helicopters often go into use when injured individuals need fast transportation to medical centers. The study found that 31 percent of on-the-job fatalities occurred in relation to air transportation.

Non-fatal injuries

For injuries that do not prove fatal, EMS workers most commonly suffer sprains and strains. Around half of these injuries result from workers interacting with or trying to move patients. Hands and fingers tend to suffer the most injuries of this type, along with the lower trunk of the body.

Furthermore, EMS personnel can also suffer injuries or illness due to facing exposure to harmful substances or environments. Often, workers must attend to individuals in less-than-ideal conditions, and in some cases, these conditions could negatively affect the workers. Additionally, workers may also come to harm due to coming in contact with patients’ bodily fluids.

Workers’ compensation

Whether fatal or non-fatal, suffering any type of injury while working can cause serious setbacks. Individuals may face a variety of financial strains due to the resulting effects of the injuries, including lost income and medical expenses. However, if you have suffered work-related injuries, you may have the ability to gain useful benefits through workers’ compensation.

If you feel that your injuries could warrant benefits, you may wish to consult with an experienced Illinois attorney who could provide you with reliable workers’ compensation information.