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Martin J. Haxel is an experienced lawyer with over 30 years of experience practicing law in Springfield, Illinois. Mr. Haxel has recovered millions of dollars for his clients. He represents people in car accidents, personal injury and workers’ compensation. See below for results Martin has obtained for his clients.

Car Accidents

Auto Accident Caused By Drunk Driver

Mr. Haxel obtained a policy-limit settlement on behalf of a client who sustained serious neck and back injuries when injured in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver.

Rear-End Car Accident – Whiplash Injury

The client sustained a neck injury when involved in an automobile accident. Haxel Law obtained a policy-limit settlement from the insurance company of the driver at fault.

Auto Accident – Maximum Amount Of Policy

We obtained a settlement for the maximum amount of the auto policy limits for our client who sustained serious injuries in an auto accident.

Injured Truck Driver – Rollover Accident

After our client received a trivial settlement offer, Mr. Haxel went to trial and succeeded in obtaining a significant award of benefits for an injured truck driver.

Personal Injury


Haxel Law represented a restaurant customer who sustained a leg injury after tripping in a poorly lit restaurant stairwell.

Slip-and-Fall – Arm Injury

After our client fell in a store parking lot and sustained a serious arm injury, we were able to obtain a very large settlement for our client.

Super Store Fall

A settlement was obtained when a large department store patron sustained injuries after a fall because of a dirty restroom floor.

Workers’ Compensation

Important Victory For Firefighters

Haxel Law won a workers’ compensation trial on behalf of a Springfield firefighter who suffered hearing loss. This ruling could make it easier for firefighters across the state to receive compensation for their work-related hearing damage in a courtroom trial or during settlement negotiations.

Injured Truck Driver’s Workers’ Compensation Quadrupled

We negotiated a settlement for an injured truck driver that was 4.5 times larger than the initial offer after demanding that Illinois law apply. Injuries included a torn rotator cuff and a pulmonary embolism.

State Of Illinois

When the state of Illinois denied workers’ compensation benefits to an employee for carpal tunnel syndrome, Haxel Law took the case to trial and won, forcing the state to pay its employee the benefits she deserved.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Employee

An injured pharmaceutical employee received a workers’ compensation settlement for an injured shoulder.

Disabled From A Work-Related Injury

Mr. Haxel obtained a substantial workers’ compensation settlement for an injured construction worker who was totally and permanently disabled.

Deputy-Sheriff Wins Workers’ Compensation Case

We represented a deputy sheriff in a workers’ compensation case in which our client suffered a serious neck injury that required surgery. Mr. Haxel won a significant award at trial and again on appeal before the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission.

Teacher Sustains Head Injury

We obtained a workers’ compensation settlement for our client, a teacher who fell and suffered a concussion.

Police Officer

Mr. Haxel obtained full benefits for an injured police sergeant who fractured a wrist while on duty.

Injured Fertilizer Company Worker

Obtained a full-value settlement on a case that the insurance company had denied for a fertilizer company worker who injured an elbow while using hand tools.

Six-Figure Back Injury Settlement For Electrician

Negotiated a settlement for an electrician who needed lower back surgery after a work accident.

Employer Refuses To Pay – Construction Worker Wins Trial

Our client hurt his shoulder at work, which necessitated surgery. We took this case to trial and won after the employer refused to pay.

Health Care Facility Payout – Settlement For Injured Worker

After the employer refused to pay anything, Mr. Haxel prosecuted a successful trial and won on appeal, resulting in an award of full benefits for the injured worker.

State Of Illinois Employee – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

After the employer refused to pay, Mr. Haxel went to trial on behalf of an Illinois Department of Central Management Services employee and successfully obtained full benefits.

State Of Illinois DOT Employee – Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

We obtained a settlement for an employee of the Illinois Department of Transportation who had carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.

Worker Insurance Claim

Mr. Haxel obtained a summary judgment for our client disputing insurance coverage.

Defective Stairs – Ankle Injury

We obtained a sizeable settlement for our client, an emergency medical technician (EMT), who fell on defective stars, which resulted in ankle surgery.

Health Care Worker – Back Surgery

We obtained all benefits for a health care worker who needed back surgery after sustaining an injury when lifting a patient.