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What day may present enormous risks to drivers?

On Behalf of | Mar 10, 2021 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car accidents may cause all manner of potential disasters. Vehicle damage and the hassle of dealing with uninsured motorists lead some to pay for extensive insurance coverage. Worries about severe injuries, and even fatal crashes, may cause some Illinois drivers to outright change their driving habits. Unfortunately, even the safest behavior does not guarantee a disaster-free trip. Interestingly, learning about dangerous driving days could help someone become more aware of the risks on the road.

A concerning day for driving

Research reveals a somewhat unsurprising result when attempting to determine the most dangerous day for driving. A recent study reexamined the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Reporting System review of 2016 fatalities. The results indicate the most fatalities occurred on Saturday. Tuesday, interestingly, experienced the least amount of road fatalities.

Exploring the particulars of Saturday driving may provide insight into the alarming number of crashes. Saturday remains a day many people have off, but not working doesn’t mean they stay home. Often, Saturday becomes the one day of the week where shopping, visiting a doctor or dentist, or dealing with other errands becomes possible. Many establishments are closed on Sunday, further contributing to more drivers out and about on Saturday.

Saturday night is also a time when people engage in entertaining activities. Drivers cramming the roads to go to the movies or their favorite nightclub may present risks. Incidentally, leisure activities involving drinking may lead to intoxicated driving. Intoxication, of course, brings forth increased risks of a crash.

Other days and potential risks

Equally unsurprising to many may be that Friday and Sundays ranked as the second and third most dangerous days to drive. Friday evenings may present a combination of congested after-work commuting and trips to leisure venues.

No day of the week comes with “zero” dangers, and morning and evening work commutes present potential hazards. Not every collision is a serious one, either. However, any collision resulting in loss may merit a lawsuit.

Persons hurt in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) could explore their legal options. An insurance settlement negotiated by an attorney may cover losses from a collision.