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Help For First Responders

In August, the governor signed a new law entitled “First Responders Suicide Prevention Act.” This law requires most police and fire departments to provide training in suicide prevention. It also requires that properly trained counselors be available to those who request assistance.

This is a significant step forward for the mental well-being of all first responders. The incidence of post-traumatic stress disorder continues to increase and it is important for help to be available for those who need it. Our first responders too often encounter scenes or have experiences that are horrific. They should be encouraged to seek the help that is needed and deserved.

Those suffering from PTSD can be entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. We represent first responders in all types of worker injuries, if you have questions regarding PTSD or any other work related injury, please call me to have your questions answered. There is no charge.

Hearing Loss Award Affirmed By The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission

In a previous trial Haxel Law brought on behalf of a retired Springfield firefighter, benefits were awarded by the arbitrator for hearing loss, including hearing aids. The city appealed this decision but just yesterday the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission unanimously ruled in favor of the firefighter!

If you are a current or retired firefighter, EMT or paramedic with hearing problems, it never hurts to call and ask about seeking benefits. There is no charge.

Heritage Foundation Announces Winning Bid For 312 E. Adams

By Catherine O’Connor

Exciting new plans will soon be taking shape at 312 E. Adams St., a three-story building that was donated to the Downtown Springfield Heritage Foundation late last year by the previous owner, Gerry Hughes. The Foundation has just announced that Martin Haxel and his wife, Laurie, were the winning bidders, responding to an RFP which involved demonstrating financial ability to purchase and begin renovations within a year and a sound business plan for a project that will enhance the existing environment in Springfield’s downtown.

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Another Important Victory For Firefighters And EMTs

Haxel Law secured another important victory for firefighter health this week.

A few months after winning a trial for a retired Springfield firefighter, Haxel Law has just successfully represented a current Springfield firefighter in another trial, this one awarding workers’ compensation benefits for cancer. Just as in the prior hearing loss case, the most recent trial resulted in a finding that the firefighter’s job was presumed to be a cause of his cancer. This ruling may make it easier for firefighters, paramedics and EMTs to obtain workers’ compensation benefits for developing cancer.

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Attention: Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs

Haxel Law secured an important victory for firefighter health this week.

Firefighters, paramedics and EMTs frequently suffer from hearing loss for obvious reasons. Insurance companies often try to deny hearing-related workers’ compensation claims and proving entitlement to benefits can be very difficult.

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