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Driving too fast is just one common cause of truck accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Uncategorized |

Many Illinois residents may not necessarily feel as if they are living on the edge when driving to work or are out running errands. However, driving is an immensely dangerous activity, no matter how commonplace it has become. You may not think of each hazard you face while on the road, but you certainly are more at risk than you may think.

Of course, most drivers understand the dangers that big rigs pose to other travelers. Any time you wind up behind or next to a semi-truck you may find yourself glancing over several times to make sure the truck driver does not try to change lanes abruptly, and you may try to get away from the vehicle as quickly as possible. These uneasy feelings are understandable as truck accidents can have devastating outcomes.

Accidents caused by truck drivers

Though semi-truck accidents are not always the fault of the truck driver, numerous factors could cause a truck driver to increase his or her risk of causing a serious accident. Some issues that could arise and contribute to a crash include the following:

  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Lack of driver training regarding safety concerns, defensive driving techniques and overall truck operation
  • Encouragement for drivers to travel more quickly and for longer periods of time in efforts to obtain certain incentives
  • Difficult schedules and expectations that may cause truck drivers to feel as if they must drive more quickly or cut corners to reach their destinations in time
  • Violating regulations relating to how long drivers can operate their trucks for a consecutive period of time

Of course, other issues could result in crashes as well, such as an improperly loaded trailer or issues with the truck itself.

What can you do after an accident?

If you found yourself involved in a truck accident caused by a truck driver, you may have suffered severe injuries. You likely expected that your life would never be the same and may have had both physical and mental issues to work through. Of course, you may worry about the financial repercussions that such an accident can have, and as a result, you could be contemplating your legal options.

Filing a personal injury claim could help you pursue compensation for damages permitted under state law. In order to determine whether this type of claim could suit your situation, you may wish to speak with a knowledgeable attorney about your options.