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CarPlay makes you the most dangerous driver possible

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2020 | Blog, Personal Injury |

You likely think that texting while driving is the most dangerous thing that you can do on an Illinois road. While texting and driving is still illegal and not advisable, there are even worse things to while behind the wheel. Studies have shown that using your phone to operate Apple CarPlay while driving is practically the most dangerous activity in terms of slowing your reaction times.

What may surprise you the most is that using CarPlay will inhibit your reaction times even more than using marijuana while driving. A recent study showed that CarPlay can slow a driver’s reaction time by 57%. By comparison, texting while driving will cut a driver’s reaction time by 35%. When you are using CarPlay behind the wheel, chances are that your eyes will be off the road for a prolonged period of time while you scroll through the menu.

Some of the problem can be laid at the feet of Apple for not being more aggressive about various checks that prevent CarPlay from being used while driving. Still, as a driver, you can take your own measures to be safer. For example, you can pre-program your song list before you drive so that you are not fiddling with your phone while the car is running. The same goes for directions as you can enter your destination into CarPlay before you start the car.

The state’s laws and regulations do not allow the use of a handheld device while driving. If you have been hurt in accident where the other driver was using a mobile device behind the wheel, they may ultimately be found responsible for the collision. In that case, you might be entitled to financial compensation for their negligence. You may want to consult with a personal injury attorney about your legal rights.