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4 common reasons health care workers face injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Workers Compensation |

There are a number of common injuries that health care workers face on the job. Among them are injuries from falls, lifting patients or being exposed to pathogens. Another that is less commonly discussed is workplace violence, but it, too, is a common hazard.

Each of these common injuries has the potential to end a career in health care. Those who are injured need to seek immediate medical care to start recovering as quickly as possible.

4 common causes of injuries in health care

There are many things that can lead to injuries, but these four are common in health care.

  1. Falls

One of the first reasons for injuries is falls. Spilled liquids create a hazard, as do many lines on machinery. Spills need to be cleaned up immediately, and lines on machines should be kept neat to prevent tripping.

  1. Lifting patients

Lifting patients is another common cause of back and neck injuries. Some patients cannot support themselves and struggle to get up and down, so this puts great stress on the health care worker. Team lifts and mechanical supports may help.

  1. Pathogen exposure

Pathogen exposure is a serious risk for doctors, nurses and other health care providers. Exposure to needles, blood, scalpels and other items could increase the risk of pathogen exposure.

  1. Workplace violence

Workplace violence is also a major problem for health care workers. Did you know that health care and social workers are the victims of around 69% of all physical assaults reported in that sector? They’re also the victims of around 71% of nonphysical assaults in the sector. Angry patients, frustrated family members, coworkers and others may be a risk to others and create a greater risk of injury due to an attack or violence.

Health care workers deserve to be treated fairly and to receive support after an injury

Health care workers who are hurt on the job should be able to seek workers’ compensation. An attorney will help them build a strong case for the maximum amount of compensation and benefits that they deserve, so they can focus on their health and recovery instead of their finances.