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Motorcycle crashes reduced in 2022, statistics show

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle, one of the scariest things to think about is getting into a motorcycle accident. You have very little protection against the vehicles that you’re around, and if someone hits you, you could be thrown from your bike or run over.

On the whole, the number of motorcycle crashes in the country has been reducing, which is great news for those who ride. Motorcycles are becoming more common, and drivers are becoming more aware of them.

In 2022, motorcycle crashes reduced by 12.35%

The great news for motorcyclists is that the number of crashes has significantly decreased over the last year. Between January and June of 2021, 3,157 crashes happened in the U.S. This year, 2022, there have been only 2,767 within that same timeframe.

That improvement is significant, because it isn’t just motorcyclists who have been better off. The first several months of the year also saw a general reduction in crashes, injuries and deaths when compared to 2021.

What is making the number of crashes drop?

The number of collisions is dropping because of a few things, but one of them is the Stay Alive campaign. This campaign has been run by the National Roads Safety Authority (NRSA) to educate the public on better, safer driving.

Motorcycle crashes can change lives

It is no secret that a motorcycle crash can change people’s lives and lead to serious injuries or deaths. That’s why it is so important for both motorcyclists and drivers to take driving seriously and to make concerted efforts towards being safe on the roads.

If you do see someone driving dangerously while you’re riding or you’re hit by someone who pulls out in front of you, you deserve a chance to hold them accountable for their actions. You may have serious injuries or life-changing disabilities because of their actions, and you do have a right to pursue a claim against them.

A good personal injury claim can help you seek the money you need as you go through your recovery as well as the compensation you deserve for everything that you’ve had to go through.