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Another Important Victory For Firefighters and EMTs

Haxel Law secured another important victory for firefighter health this week.
A few months after winning a trial for a retired Springfield firefighter, Haxel Law has just successfully represented a current Springfield firefighter in another trial, this one awarding workers' compensation benefits for cancer. Just as in the prior hearing loss case, the most recent trial resulted in a finding that the firefighter's job was presumed to be a cause of his cancer. This ruling may make it easier for firefighters, paramedics and EMTs to obtain workers' compensation benefits for developing cancer.

Workers' Compensation Benefits For Firefighters, Paramedics and EMTs

Firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) face unique risks associated with their jobs. They are routinely exposed to loud noises when responding to emergencies. They render medical assistance to accident victims and periodically expose themselves to the bodily fluids of those victims as well as bacteria, viruses and diseases.

While helping others, EMS workers put themselves at risk

As an emergency medical service worker, you undoubtedly get great satisfaction from helping other individuals suffering from injuries or illnesses who need immediate attention. Often, your actions could allow those parties to receive life-saving treatment while on the way to the hospital. Though this type of profession may offer enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment, you could also face risks of injury yourself.

PTSD is an unseen stress factor for emergency workers

Emergency workers help people in crisis get the care they need quickly. When the job is done, victims of accidents and disasters are treated by a team of healthcare professionals in a hospital while the emergency workers return home. While most people see this routine as "just doing the job," emergency workers need help after traumatic events too.

Employers Have A Duty To Protect Workers From Weather-Related Threats

While all workplaces have their hazards, employees who work outdoors face unique weather-related threats. Everything from storms to heat can jeopardize worker safety. The Department of Labor has issued a reminder to employers of their duty to protect workers. 

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