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Reduce your risk of a wreck with a big rig on Springfield interstates

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

There are two large interstates that drivers in Springfield frequently navigate. Most people will travel safely on I-72 and I-55, but occasionally people will get into crashes. Wrecks caused by 18-wheelers or semitrucks are among the worst wrecks possible.

These huge vehicles can demolish smaller vehicles and cause catastrophic injuries to their occupants. With domestic ground transportation responsible for the delivery of countless goods and supplies, there is a constant stream of commercial vehicles through the Springfield area.

Unfortunately, high demand for commercial drivers may have forced some companies to compromise their standards for the drivers that they employ. Drivers with bad records or less experience could potentially cause wrecks with other vehicles. While there is no sure way to completely eliminate your risk of a commercial crash, there are a few things you can do to help reduce your risk. 

Do your best to avoid the blind spots of big vehicles

One of the most important limitations on a commercial driver is how the size of their vehicle impacts their ability to see around the vehicle. When these big rigs turn or merge into a new lane of traffic, they could crash into vehicles that the driver cannot see.

While they may check twice and use large side mirrors, there are still substantial blind spots to either side of a commercial truck, including two lanes to the right of the trailer. The more time you spend in a truck’s blind spot, the more likely you are to be in a place where a truck driver won’t notice you when they decide to merge.

Check twice before you merge in front of a big truck

One of the easiest ways to cause a commercial crash yourself is to cut off a big truck. The big size and incredible weight of a commercial vehicle will drastically increase the stopping distance necessary to bring the vehicle to a complete stop or even slow it down. When you merge too close in front of a commercial truck, they could rear-end you, possibly resulting in an override collision.

If you recognize and respect the limitations of commercial vehicles, you will have a better chance of avoiding a crash with a big truck on the local interstates.